fox and the chickens

What to do when the Fox gets in the chicken coup

Once upon a time in the rolling hills of Ohio, there lived a diligent farmer named Sam. Sam’s farm was not only home to rows of golden corn and a herd of cows, but also a lively flock of chickens that he cared for deeply. Sam cherished the chickens not just for their eggs but also for their cheerful presence on his farm.

One sunny afternoon, as Sam was working in the fields, he heard a commotion coming from the direction of the chicken coop. Concerned, he rushed towards the sound and caught sight of a cunning red fox chasing one of his chickens, its fluffy feathers flying in the air as it tried to escape. Sam’s heart raced as he realized the danger his chickens were in.

Remembering the drone he had recently purchased to monitor his cornfields, Sam quickly came up with a plan. He knew the drone’s noise and presence could scare off the fox and potentially save his chicken.

Sam hurried to his workshop and grabbed the drone, launching it into the air with haste. He expertly maneuvered the drone towards the fox, the buzz of its rotors filling the air. The sudden appearance of the drone caught the fox by surprise, and it halted its pursuit of the chicken, its ears perked up and eyes fixed on the unfamiliar flying object. As Sam inched the drone closer, the fox finally decided it was not worth the risk and darted away from the coop, disappearing into the nearby woods.

With the immediate threat gone, Sam knew he needed to find out how the fox had managed to get into his property. He recalled hearing stories of foxes being skilled climbers and diggers, so he decided to use his drone to investigate the perimeter fence that surrounded his farm.

Flying the drone along the fence line, Sam watched the live video feed on his tablet, searching for any signs of a breach. As the drone glided over the ground, he spotted a small gap near a dense thicket of bushes. The fox had dug a tunnel under the fence to gain access to his farm. Sam knew he needed to act quickly to prevent the fox from returning and endangering his chickens again.

He gathered some sturdy wire mesh and tools, heading to the location of the breach. Sam reinforced the fence, burying the wire mesh deep into the ground and attaching it securely to the fence to deter future digging attempts. With the fence repaired and his farm secure, Sam felt confident that his chickens were now safe from the cunning fox.

From that day forward, Sam used his drone not only to monitor his cornfields but also to keep a watchful eye on the safety of his chickens. The drone became an invaluable asset on his farm, helping him ensure the well-being of all his animals and crops. And as for the fox, it never dared to set foot on Sam’s farm again, knowing that a determined farmer and his trusty drone were always on guard.

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